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City Car Rental Car Rental Age and Min. What is the License Period?
Car Rental Age for Economic Group Vehicles (Symbol, Egea, 301, Clio etc.) Minimum 21 years old and must have a driving license for 2 years.
Car Rental Age for Medium Group Vehicles (Focus, Jetta, Astra, Golf, Leon etc.) Min. 23 years old and must have a driver's license for 3 years.
For Top Group Vehicles (Mondeo, Insignia, Passat, 508 etc.) Vehicle Rental Age Minimum 25 years old and a driver's license for 4 years is required.
Car Rental Age for Premium Group Vehicles (Audi, BMW, Mercedes) Min 28 years old and 5 years of driving license is required.
Is a Credit Card Required to Rent a Car? Is Credit Card Only Enough? Is it possible to rent with someone else's credit card?
In order to be able to rent a car, the customer must use a credit card. Customers who do not use a credit card cannot rent a car.
It is not possible to process only with Credit Card. According to the vehicle group they have chosen, the Findex credit ratings of the customers are checked and their transactions are completed. You can get information about your Findex credit rating and how your rating should be upgraded from the official website of Findex.
Only transaction is provided with the driver's license and credit card issued in the name of the person who will provide the car rental process. The driver's license and credit card of a different person cannot be used.
Do You Make a Findex Inquiry? What is Pre-Provision (Deposit)? What is the Pre-Provision Block Period? Do You Provide Cash Deposit?
Findex inquiries are provided in all cases deemed necessary by the Company Manager and Company Personnel. In case of a negative report as a result of the Findex inquiry even though the Customer has a driver's license and credit card issued in his name, the rental process is canceled if the Customer has made an Online Payment (Uninterrupted Refund) or in other cases.
Pre-Provision (Deposit) It is the security deposit received from the customer during the delivery of the vehicle. Pre-Provision is the process of obtaining certain amounts as Credit Card or Cash collateral according to vehicle classes for Missing Fuel, Toll Highway, Mini Damages, Rental Period Extension, and legal situations related to the vehicle (Traffic Fine, Speed ​​Violation, Parking Lot, etc.).
The Pre-Provision Block Period is determined by the Bank's systems. Our firm cannot provide any action regarding automatic blocking processes. Average Blocking Times are between 15 and 30 days. For emergencies, you can request Manual Cancellation from our company 3 working days after vehicle delivery. You should send an e-mail to support@citycarsrental.com at the end of the required period for the cancellation of Manual Pre-Provision.
Cash Deposit is provided only for our customers traveling to our country from abroad. The deposit paid in cash is returned to the customer after all controls are provided at the delivery of the vehicle. The company has the right to hold the deposit for 30 days if it deems necessary. In such cases, after it is determined that there is no traffic ticket, toll highway or legal violation, the deposit is refunded to the customer's IBAN address.
Do you have Insurance, Extended Insurance, Mini Repair Insurance, Super Mini Repair Insurance, Maximum Insurance, Voluntary Liability Insurance, Theft Assurance in your vehicles? What are Insurance and Motor Insurance Guarantees? Can Insurance and Car Insurance Take Action Without a Damage Report? What should I do in case of damage? Are Tire, Glass, Bumper Damages Included in Standard Insurance? What is Insurance Exemption? In case of damage, can the customer provide repair without informing? What is Damage Loss? What is Customer Responsibility in Case of Mechanical Failure? How Can I Prove Damages Occurred Without My Knowledge? How can I prove the damage before the delivery date of the vehicle? Do You Invoice In Case of Damage? How is Damage Determined After Delivery of the Vehicle? Do You Provide a Replacement Vehicle in Case of Damage and Failure?
Compulsory Liability Insurance is available for all of our vehicles.
All of our vehicles have an Extended Insurance Policy with Exemption. (Exemption rates are also specified in the contract according to vehicle classes. Insurance Coverage is Valid.)
Mini Repair Insurance (Covers Bumper Damages. Scuffing, Stone Traces, Scratches and Breakage are excluded from the coverage. Limits Specific to the Plate are Specified in the Contract.) It can be purchased for an additional fee.
Super Mini Repair Insurance (Covers Bumper, Tire, Glass Damages. Bumper Scuffing, Stone Traces, Scratches, Tire Explosion, Glass Stone Traces, Breakage, Tearing, Glass breakage are not covered. Limits Specific to the Plate Are Also Specified in the Contract.) It can be purchased for an additional fee.
Maximum Assurance (Comprehensive insurance and motor insurance are activated by reducing the Exemption Rate. Insurance and Casco Limits Specific to the Plate.ri Applicable.) Can be purchased for an additional fee.
Optional Financial Liability Insurance (Increasing the Coverage of Motor Insurance and Insurance Limits) can be purchased for an additional fee.
Theft Assurance Can Be Purchased for an Additional Fee.
Insurance and Casco guarantees are in line with the guarantees determined by the Insurance Firms and generally used. Insurance and Casco Policies are shared with the customer upon request.
Damage Report, Police Gendarmerie Report, Alcohol Report, Incident Damage Images, The damage file cannot be opened without the insurance driver's license of the parties involved in the damage. The responsibility and payment of all damages for which the Damage File is not opened is the responsibility of the customer.
In the event of damage, by contacting our company via contact numbers and giving information. You must apply to the nearest police station and get an accident and alcohol report.
Tire, Bumper Glass Damages are Out of Standard Insurance Coverage. In case of not obtaining Additional Insurance, the responsibility of damage belongs to the customer.
Insurance Exemption is the amount not paid to the company by the insurance companies determined according to Vehicle Groups and Classes. These amounts are covered by the customer. You can review the exemption amounts in your rental agreement.
In Case of Damage, the company has the right to sue the customer for repairs and modifications provided without informing the company. In such cases, all insurance records of the customer are canceled and all damage payment is invoiced to the customer from the Authorized Service.
Damage Value Loss In cases where insurance and motor own damage companies do not pay the vehicle value loss (Painting-Change, etc.), it is the customer's responsibility. Painted and Replaced parts will be determined by the company's experts and reflected to the customer.
All our vehicles have a mechanical service guarantee. All malfunctions under warranty will be resolved free of charge by the Authorized Service. Mechanical failures that occur as a result of customer faults that are not covered by the warranty are the customer's responsibility.
When the rented vehicle is received by the customer from our Company Personnel, video and photographic recordings are required. If the customer is held responsible for a damage in the past, in the return of the vehicle, he must immediately inform our Company officials and prove his situation.
All damage charges to be paid under the responsibility of the customer are invoiced by the Authorized Service. Our company also creates an invoice for the customer as a result of damage.
The personnel responsible for the return of the vehicle must provide all controls of the vehicle and show the customer that the vehicle has been received completely or the damage determined and record this situation. You can make your objection about the damage by examining the photographs and video records you have.
It is the responsibility of the motor insurance and insurance companies to provide a replacement vehicle in case of damage. Transactions are provided in accordance with the conditions specified in the policies. In case of malfunctions, the malfunctions that occur within the scope of the warranty also provide Authorized Service Replacement vehicles. In other cases, no replacement vehicle is provided. You can get additional vehicles from our company.